10 Things You Never Knew You Could Hold with a StrapMoore

Posted by: on Aug 14, 2015

10 Things You Never Knew You Could Hold with a StrapMoore

Keep a clean set with the Tether Tools StrapMoore!

The StrapMoore can be secured to the leg of a tripod, light stand, or pole and gives quick and easy access to items that you’ll need during photo shoots. From power supplies to an off-camera flash the StrapMoore hangs onto the items you need so you don’t have to.

The best part about the StrapMoore is that its straps are lined with heavy-duty GripperElastic to protect your gear and prevent your item from falling to the floor. The StrapMoore’s securing straps are adjustable and can be secured to any pole or beam as small as 1/4-inch and as large as 3-inches in diameter. And when it’s not in use, simply leave it on your object for use during the next shoot.

The StrapMoore can keep things secure and out of the way, some are obvious, such as a battery pack, off-camera flash, or external hard drive. Others…maybe not so obvious. Here’s 10 things that the StrapMoore can hold:

1. TetherBoost Core Controller and Rock Solid External Power Bank


2. Smart Phone and Rock Solid External Power Bank

iphone charging with rock solid battery in strapmoore

3. Mic Receiver

mic receiver in strapmoore

4. CamRanger Wireless Tethering System

strapmoore - camranger









5. Laptop Power Brick

laptop brick









6. External Hard Drive

external hard drive in strapmoore

7. Headphones










8. Bottle of Water

bottle of water in strapmoore

9. Flash Transmitter/Receiver

strapmoore receiver









10. Light Meter

light meter in strapmoore