What Makes TetherPro Cables the Best Cables for Tethering?

Posted by: on Jul 02, 2015

What Makes TetherPro Cables the Best Cables for Tethering?
TetherPro VS Other USB Cables

Tether Tools Orange TetherPro cables are the choice of many professional photographers. These cables are also higher quality to other cables. Here’s why:

  • Orange Color – While most of our cables come in black as well as orange, we definitely recommend the orange and it’s not just about looks. The orange color ensure cables can be seen throughout the studio or during on-location shoots. With multiple people (models, photographer, makeup artist, stylist, clients and assistants) all on a shoot, it’s inevitable someone will not see and trip over a cable in a sea of silver and black photography equipment positioned on set.

    TetherPro high-visibility cables are bright orange to bring attention to the cable and avoid accidents. With the cable attached to expensive camera and computer equipment, avoiding accidents can save thousands of dollars in damages.

  • Increased insulation – Take a look at the photo above. The TetherPro Cables are thicker than the cable that comes with your camera and others sold aftermarket. The reason is the increased insulation – notice the thickness of the colored part around the copper wire as well as the the increased white insulation between the colored wires. This provides two benefits.

    First, this added insulating provides extra protection to the stranded copper wire that transmit the signals from your camera to your computer. In other words, it stands up better to kinks, knots, and people stepping on your cable. Call it added insurance.

    Second, it provides greater shielding on the wires itself to prevent signal interferance or noise in the transmission.

  • Constructed to the highest possible standards -Many manufactures are able to make and sell cables cheaply by hitting the minimum require specifications for a cable. The TetherPro Cables are designed specific to the highest spec possible for that particular cable and connection. What that means is if the spec calls for a Ferrite Bead (that round part found at the end of some cables) or gold plated connectors, than you can rest assured that the TetherPro cable has it. 
  • Lengths specific to the photographer’s needs – Over the years, we’ve found that one of the best ways to protect a cable and make it work to its fullest potential is to provide the appropriate length for the job. Whether that means a very short 1 foot cable or stringing together a cable with an active extension to go 30+ feet, TetherPro Cables come in the length photographers need.

Check out the full line of TetherPro cables. If you’re not sure which cable you need, check out our cable finder. Simply select the camera from the list, and you’ll be presented with exactly the cable you need. And please remember to protect your camera ports by using a JerkStopper Camera Support. This is the most inexpensive insurance policy you can buy.