4 Ways to Use JerkStopper

Posted by: on Jul 03, 2014

4 Ways to Use JerkStopper

Need a solution for unruly photo and video cables? There’s a JerkStopper for that.

How about computer or music cords? There’s a JerkStopper for that, too!

Actually, the full line of JerkStopper products offers multiple options for wrangling your photo, video, computer, IT, and audio and music cables. Here are just a few of the solutions:

4 Ways to Use JerkStopper

Computer & IT

The JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit has everything you need to protect your ports and computer. It includes a JerkStopper for your USB port, network jack and telephone jack.  

4 Ways to Use JerkStopper

Transport & Storage

Protect your small accessories when they’re in use or use JerkStopper to coil them up properly for storage. Straps & Wraps like the JerkStopper ProTabs keep things clean, organized and safe.

 4 Ways to Use JerkStopper



Audio and Music

Complete with guitar and amp support, the JerkStopper Guitar Kit keeps the guitar and amp cable in, no matter how crazy the stage gets. The Kit includes a quick-release option for unplugging and plugging in seconds. This makes it easy to switch out instruments during a set. JerkStopper’s Stretch,   Twist and A-Clamp are also helpful for musicians to have nearby; they keep microphone cords and cables organized and out of the way.

4 Ways to Use JerkStopper

Photo and Video

The JerkStopper Tethering Kit is a Tether Tools classic. Removing stress and strain, the tools secure the cable on both your computer and camera by providing an anchor point to prevent unwanted dislodging.

Check JerkStopper.com for many more cable management solutions.