Valentine’s Day: Love the One You’re With

Posted by: on Feb 06, 2013

Valentine’s Day: Love the One You’re With


Valentine’s Day – that one day you are not able to ignore. From the heart-shaped chocolate boxes, to a Facebook newsfeed full of roses and wine glasses, it is the one holiday people either love or hate. We’re out to change that! Let’s switch it up with a different kind of love – the love for your craft, your art, your camera for goodness’ sake! Your gear may not keep you warm at night, but take care of it, and it will show you the love…by never letting you down. 

So go forth and prevent heartbreak this Valentine’s Day. Show you care by saving yourself, or a loved one, both tears and money with a few sweet treats from Tether Tools.


The Ultimate Threesome

“I never meant to come between them, but when I first laid eyes on them, I knew I had to make a connection. I was only trying to protect them both. They let me in and now, we are inseparable.”

I am the Inline JerkStopper – connecting USB Cable & Extension. Together forever.


Bye-Bye Heartbreak

“Without us, there would have eventually been heartbreak. We bundled up our love, jumped in the sack and shed light on how much the world needs us.”

We are the Tether Tools Essentials Pack.


Hold on Tight

“No matter how small the task, I promise I will hold on tight. I will keep you and your things safe. I will hold your purse, your keys, your battery pack and your triggers.  And when the job needs some reinforcements, I will just extend myself to take on more. I won’t let you down.”

I am the StrapMoore and Extender.


Light Up Your Life

“Even in the darkest of times, my goal is to light your path. Help you see the key to making things happen. I never get in the way and exhibit a ninja-like personality. I am here to light up your life.”

I am the USB LED Pro Light.


Put You On a Pedestal

“No matter the situation, your vision must be uplifted. I will make sure everyone can see you. No matter where we are – in the car, at the grocery, at home – I will raise you up and let your images shine.”

I am the Wallee Connect Lite Tablet Mounting System.


For Your Eyes Only

“I have a picture for only you to see. Look deep, deep into me. You’ll be mesmerized by my engaging aura. Fix your eyes onto nothing else.”

I am the Look Lock System.


Dress to Impress

“You have that stunning look – so elegant and chic.  How could anyone compare? But alas, I do. With my beautiful silver highlights and my stable job I do so well. My flexibility; my go-anywhere, hold -everything  attitude. I fit in at virtually every party. With my tough exterior and lightweight heart, I am the answer to all your prayers. I master all of your needs.”

I am the Tether Table Aero Master.