TetheredShooting App: Digital Lightbox for iPad or iPhone

Posted by: on Sep 25, 2014

TetheredShooting App: Digital Lightbox for iPad or iPhone
Photo courtesy ©RUNFOX

The TetheredShooting iPad and iPhone application allows you to see the shots you’ve taken with your DSLR on your handheld device. The application shows photos by fetching them in specific intervals (1-30sec) from your network and creates previews on your iPad or iPhone device. Users are able to add notes and mark/unmark photos. The downloaded photos are saved as separate profiles on your iOS device but also available in ‘offline mode’ which can be deleted if required.

Users must enable SSH on Mac OS X in order for the application to function.

*NOTE: Some SSH/SFTP configurations only allow for a limited number of simultaneous connections. Too frequent queries can cause your IP to be temporarily blocked. To avoid this, set an appropriate refresh time interval for the SSH/SFTP application configuration.


  • Maximum Photo Size: 15mb
  • File Format: jpg, png, NEF, cr2
  • Connectivity to NAS or Network Server: Only SSH or SFTP
  • Photo download only with activated Wi-Fi (mobile network not supported)


Watch the Video

To watch a demo and see the application, click to watch the Runfox | TetheredShooting video now.

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