Tether it with Gaffer Tape

Posted by: on Jun 09, 2014

Tether it with Gaffer Tape

Keeping cables secure and making sure things don’t move is a key factor that leads to the success of a photo or video. One of the best tools for keeping items secure and protecting your assets is Gaffer Tape.

Gaffer Tape is actually named after the head of a cine lighting department – The Gaffer. It consists of a strong cloth based tape that adheres strongly to surfaces but can be removed cleanly due to its synthetic adhesive.

rsgtorg-tether-tools-rock-solid-gaffer-tape-high-visibility-orange-comparison-black-01-webAsk any lighting, video or photo professional and they’ll echo the sentiment that Gaffer Tape is an ‘indispensable production tool’ because of the incredible variety of tasks it handles. Not only can it secure cables, equipment or stands, it can also:

  • join two sheets of foam-core to create a ‘V’ Flat
  • secure light fixtures
  • cover models’ shoes to keep backgrounds and cyc walls clean
  • mark spots on the floor for talent
  • mark distances for follow focus
  • plus hundreds of other uses

There are many different roll colors out there but our favorites are Orange Gaffer Tape  and Black Gaffer Tape. They work well to hide (black) items or bring attention (orange) to certain items to keep both people and their equipment safe. The rolls measure 2″ x 165′ (50mm x 50.3m). They are easy to tear with their cotton cloth backing and rubber based adhesive.