Tech Tip: RAW + JPEG Tethering Settings with Sony Camera

Posted by: on Oct 12, 2020

Tech Tip: RAW + JPEG Tethering Settings with Sony Camera

Are you looking to optimize your workflow when tethering wirelessly or with a cable?  One excellent option to consider is to keep the RAW file on the camera card and only transfer the JPEG.  This workflow approach decreases transfer times by sending only the smaller jpeg files to the tethering software.  This means the images will be available quickly in the tethering software for almost immediate review, while the full resolution RAW files are written to the camera card for download after the shoot. 

Some Sony cameras allow the user to select precisely how images transfer to the computer during tethering. While these settings ultimately give the user a great deal of control over the process, the settings can be confusing to establish initially.

This guide helps users to set the camera up for a RAW + JPEG workflow where the RAW file is written to the card and only the JPEG is transferred to the computer.  This process can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your workflow.

Note: This guide uses the a7R IV Menu (Firmware Version: 1.20), though similar settings are available on previous generation cameras.

  1. Set the File format to RAW + JPEG:
    a. Quality / Image Size 1 | Camera 1 (Page: 1/15)
    File Format: RAW + JPEG (RAW, RAW & JPEG, JPEG)
  1. Turn Control with Smartphone OFF
    a. Control With Smartphone | Network 1 (Page: 1/3)
    Control with Smartphone: OFF (ON / OFF)
  1. Turn On the PC Remote Function
    a. PC Remote Function (1/3) | Network 1 (Page 1/3)
    PC Remote: ON (ON / OFF)

b. PC Remote Control Method: USB (USB, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Access Point)

  1. Change the Save Destination to PC + Camera
    a. PC Remote Function (2/3) | Network 1 (Page 1/3)
    Still Image Save Destination: PC + Camera (PC Only / PC + Camera / Camera Only)

b. RAW+JPEG PC Save Image: JPEG Only (RAW & JPEG / JPEG Only / RAW Only)

  1. Set the JPEG file size to 2M (2M for fastest transfers / Original for higher quality)
    a. PC Remote Function (3/3) | Network 1 (Page 1/3)
    PC Save Image Size: 2M (Original / 2M)

• When tethering, USB charging should always be turned off for optimum performance (USB Power Supply (Setup 4 | Page 4/7)
• These settings cannot be adjusted in tethering software, changes must be made on the camera
• RAW file type can be set to compressed for smaller RAW file sizes

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