Tech Tip: Powering Your Air Direct and Wi-Fi Connection

Posted by: on Mar 11, 2020

Tech Tip: Powering Your Air Direct and Wi-Fi Connection

The Air Direct Wireless Tethering Device is externally powered by the LP-E6/N battery. Many photographers have these commonly found batteries on-hand. Your Air Direct includes a LP-E6/N battery, ONsite LP-E6/N Battery Charger and Charger Cable, plus an Air Direct DC to USB Power Cable. This allows the Air Direct to be powered in one of two ways:

  1. TT-LP-E6/N Battery
  2. DC Power Cable

By powering your Air Direct via the supplied cable, you can connect directly to the AC Power or to a battery pack like the ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh PD Battery Pack, allowing you to extend your tethering session and hot swap the TT-LP-E6/N Battery.

Note: Powering via the DC Power Cable will only provide power to the Air Direct, will not charge the battery and the Air Direct simultaneously.

Be sure to charge up the battery before starting an Air Direct tethering session. You can use the included battery charger or any commonly found LP-E6 battery charger.

There are two lights on the Air Direct device. A power level indicator light and a Wi-Fi network indicator light.

Green – 50-100%
Yellow – 25 – 50%
Red – 10 – 25%
Red blinking – Less than 10%

Now let’s talk about the two Wi-Fi networks.


From ON to a Blue Light ~ 10 seconds
Fast Blink ~ 5 seconds
Slow Blink ~ 10 seconds
Solid – ~ 5 second pause, then the WiFi Network is ready

The Air Direct Wireless Tethering Device can transmit over two different Wi-Fi networks; 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The biggest difference between the two frequencies is range and speed. 2.4 is best for longer distances but transmits at slower speeds, and 5 transmits at faster speeds but is better at closer range without obstacles such as walls.

Some computers may not be equipped to connect to the faster 5 GHz network, check out this article to learn more. If your computer cannot accept the 5 GHz network, you can add a Wi-Fi antenna adapter commonly found in the marketplace.

Always remember! Before powering ON, set the Air Direct switches to the type of connection you want to make – ADU to tether to your computer via the Air Direct Utility, and the WiFi network. Switching mid-tethering session will result in the need to reconnect.

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Any questions? Reach out to us at and be sure to check out the Air Direct FAQ.