Shooting Tethered to iPad & The Apps That Get You There

Posted by: on Feb 08, 2012

Shooting Tethered to iPad & The Apps That Get You There
Tethering to the iPad: An Overview Tethering to the iPad is a hot topic. Currently, you can’t tether directly to the iPad with a cable, not even with Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. You can, however, tether wirelessly and you can incorporate your iPad in many ways that will greatly improve your photo workflow while shooting tethered. Tethering to your iPad allows you to do things like use the iPad as a remote control for your camera, incorporate live view tools, and share images. There are a lot of software tools and apps that help with these processes. Below is our round up of solutions that make it easy to work with your iPad in photography and videography, too.  As new tools are introduced, we’ll update this post to reflect the latest options. If you have an app suggestion or tool you’d like to share, send it to us at How to Tether Wirelessly to iPad Case Air is an advanced wireless tethering system for photographers.  It is a non-proprietary wireless tethering system and is compatible with a variety of camera manufacturers and models.  Working with an extensive list of compatible Nikon & Canon DSLR cameras, including CF and SD formats, the Case Air is a fast, reliable, pro-level, wireless tethering solution.  By wirelessly transmitting images to any iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or Android it provides nearly instant visibility of images.  Additionally, many camera settings can be controlled and adjusted from the iOS device. Another popular  solution for shooting direct to the iPad is the Eye-Fi ProX2 8GB SDHC Card. It is an SDHC compatible card that enables wireless transfer of JPEG or RAW images directly from your camera. Once you purchase the card, all it takes is an app download (it’s free from Eye-Fi) and a quick setup process to get started. The Eye-Fi card essentially creates a hotspot wireless connection, so transmission of images is quick. JPEG files transfer faster than RAW, but with the ProX2, you can shoot both file formats and choose to only transfer the JPEG’s wirelessly. This makes for faster viewing. Then, you can transfer the RAW files with a reader at a later time. iPad Apps for Tethered Photography There are a lot of useful apps for photographers and many of them have great tethering and image sharing tools. iPad apps for tethering primarily focus on how to first tether to a laptop or computer and then push images to the iPad. Benefits to this process include the ability to view your images on a larger screen to check focus, composition and lighting. It also makes it easier to share images with other people who are critical in the process. Opening your workflow to some of the following tools can change the way you shoot!   Capture Pilot
Photo courtesy ©Phase One
What it Does
  • An app from Capture One, Capture Pilot is designed to enhance the experience of both photographer and client. It instantly uploads images from your camera to the iOS device by way of the Capture One software running on your computer. Images are displayed in high-resolution for better quality viewing.
How it Works
  • While using Capture Pilot, both you and your subject have access to view, scan, zoom and scroll through RAW, JPEG or Tiff images. You also can remotely fire your camera and control the important capture parameters. Lastly, you, your client or your assistant, can rate and tag favorite shots for instant feedback – even mid-shoot.
Upgrade Features
  • If you’re looking to remote control your camera, Capture Pilot offers an upgraded feature called Camera Control. Besides being able to remotely trigger your camera, the upgrade lets you control parameters like ISO sensitivity, exposure, shutter speed and more. You can also do cool things like mount the camera at heights beyond your physical reach, interact with subjects in new ways, or even use it to be part of the photo yourself.  Your camera must be connected to a Mac or Windows computer running Capture One Pro or DB, version 6.2 or later.
Other iPad Apps for Photographers The following aren’t necessarily tethering apps, but they are great solutions for image reviewing, selection and editing with the iPad. Filterstorm Pro Filterstorm has a first-class reputation as top-of-the-line editing software for the iPad. It was designed for photojournalists who are shooting on the go and need tools they can use to edit and upload images to FTPs, news readers, or websites in minutes. The release of Filterstorm Pro improved original editing capabilities. This version has a built-in library where you can rate, edit and even publish photos directly from the app. Filterstorm Pro includes expanded RAW file support, more FTP delivery points, and evolved image editing features including brushes, gradients, color replacement and vignette tools. Photosmith for Lightroom It’s a one-stop application to upload, edit, organize, and showcase your work. Photosmith for Lightroom does it all: non-destructive, state-of-the-art editing; rating; assigning metadata; filtering; online uploading, and publishing images. PhotoSmith syncs images between your computer and iPad, letting you view full 1:1 zoom of up to 21 megapixel RAW images. It’s compatible with Photoshop and Adobe image products. This is a great video on Photosmith’s benefits. Adobe Photoshop Express The iPad-friendly companion to the desktop version of Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Express lets you store 2GB of videos or photos. You can use one-touch editing effects to crop, rotate, adjust color, or add filters, effects, borders and more. And you can undo and redo changes all you want, while your original file remains safe. Upgrade to the Adobe Camera Pack and you can also reduce noise, set a self-timer for taking images from your iOS device, auto review images, and even store and share images on the go. Portfolio for iPad The Portfolio app presents your images in a completely branded environment. Portfolio helps you organize photographs through an intuitive interface that is easy to organize, label and build slideshows for viewing directly on the iPad. Multiple galleries can be interchanged in the portfolio depending on what you’d like to show to your client. It can also be configured for transfer to a large-scale presentation if needed. iPad Apps for Videography Many of our customers are using the Wallee iPad Connect System to incorporate the iPad into their video work. Here are a few great apps we love for video. Pro Prompter
ProPrompter on the Wallee Connect System
Using the iPad as a teleprompter is a convenient and portable way to keep production costs down while still creating professional videos. The ProPrompter App offers customizable settings for background colors, fonts and font sizes, scrolling speeds, mirroring, looping and more. You can also create and edit scripts in-app, which also includes foreign language editing features. And here’s a nice bonus: if you have two iOS devices, one can serve as a remote control for the other that’s working as the teleprompter. Timer on Fire Simple but necessary, Timer on Fire is a countdown app that helps prompt cast and crew for counting down to action, wrapping up time-sensitive clips, or simply tracking time on set. Movie★Slate This app is a convenient, all-in-one digital slate, clapper board, shot log, and shot notepad. Movie★Slate was designed for use in film and television. This app is the easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoot, saving valuable time later when capturing and editing footage. It has a time code and frames per second timer, and you can add data for movie scenes and set up varying cameras.  One of its key features is the ability to sync time codes with your camera through Bluetooth or cable. After each take, you can rate video and audio quality, and review all of your data between takes. There’s also the ability to share video and notes via email or export it to a Final Cut file for editing.