Quick Tips: Cable Management & Shooting Tethered

Posted by: on Oct 08, 2013

Quick Tips: Cable Management & Shooting Tethered

Cords strung across the floor. Cables hanging off your table. What to do with it all? We’ve got a handful of cable management tools to help you stay organized.

Keep Your Cables Together

Whether routing one cable or a dozen, take advantage of coiling and grouping whenever you can to keep them tidy, out of the way and secure at all times. With the Hook & Loop Cables Ties, you can coil and secure cables, or use the tie to keep cables in one line from ports to ports. One cable is always less of a hazard than multiple dangling ones.


Cable ties are good for storing cables, too, because the ties prevent them from becoming tangled. This works much better than tape, which can leave a sticky residue. And don’t forget – these come in a pack of 10, so you should have plenty for the job.

Secure It With A Strap

No one wants to risk their power brick disconnecting from the cable, so rather than letting the cable and brick dangle, save yourself from potential damage by investing in a StrapMoore. This product is extremely versatile – holding laptop power bricks, speedlites, audio boxes, and so much more! With its adjustable straps and GripperElastic® lining the interior, the StrapMoore ensures your gear is secure. It slide around.

ssmrst-tether-tools-strapmoore-03-webIf you have smaller or larger items that you would like to secure, check out the StrapMoore Extender. This can be used in conjunction with the StrapMoore to holder larger items, or by itself to hold smaller ones as well. 

Versatile Cable Management

Whether you are looking for a way to hide cables underneath a table, secure cables for video, or want to run them along a wall or desk, the JerkStopper Flat Mount Support 3-pack is your answer. These JerkStoppers come equipped with heavy duty velcro to mount to any surface and will allow you to keep the cords and cables nice and streamlined.

Tether Tools JerkStopper Fixed Mount 3 Pack

Looking to secure cables on a video rig? Be sure to check out the JerkStopper Rod Clamp. This Rod Clamp will prevent damage or dislodging for a video or DSLR 15mm rod camera rig. The Jerkstopper can support cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm or you can fit multiple cables in one clamp.

Tether Tools Rock Solid Rod Clamp

Need something that will keep cables in line with certain poles, arms or stands? The JerkStopper “A” Clamp is a great solution. These little guys keep your cables safe and out of harm’s way. Working just like a Pony Clamp, they come in both 1- and 2-inch options and support cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.


Last But Not Least…

The JerkStopper Mini ProClamp removes the stress and strain from cables without a permanent attachment necessary. The clamp can be secured around any flat or round object between 0.5(13mm) and 1.5″(38mm). It’s extremely strong for its size, holding up to 8.8lbs(4.0kg). There is also a built in 1/4″-20 and 3.8″ thread receptor socket allowing for dozens of attachments.