Quick Tip: Tethering with a FireWire Digital Back to USB or Thunderbolt

Posted by: on Sep 25, 2014

Quick Tip: Tethering with a FireWire Digital Back to USB or Thunderbolt
Tether Tools TetherPro FireWire 800 – 9 Pin to 9 Pin 15″ (4.6m) Cable

For individuals tethering with a FireWire Digital Back or DSLR, you may notice newer PC’s and Mac do not support FireWire cables and may only have USB or Thunderbolt. 

FireWire (also known as IEEE 1394 Interface) is only an Apple connection which was first included in some of its computers in 1990’s.  Although FireWire is not a supported connection by Apple any longer, many computer are still in service with a FireWire port* and there are a number of options to use these Digital Backs and DSLR’s.

Tether Tools offers TetherPro FireWire cables in the following configurations:

*MUST READ: Important Note:  Does your computer not have a FireWire port, only Thunderbolt?

Please consult your equipment manufactures’ specifications to ensure the correct cable type and proper connection. Visit the Cable Compatibility Guide for cable + camera listings.

Some Quick Details

PC Computers:

PC typically do not offer FireWire. For users looking to tether a FireWire Back or DSLR an option is to install a FireWire controller – please keep in mind many laptops don’t provide that option, so always check with the computer make and model to confirm this is possible.

Apple (Mac) Computers:

Mac computer prior to 2014 have a FireWire 800 port available.  If using a Mac that is newer, Apple has eliminated the FireWire port and currently only offers Thunderbolt on all its models.


Thunderbolt Adapter (Mac ONLY):


Individuals who are using a Mac computer having only a Thunderbolt connection will need the Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 Adapter

Apple’s Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 Adapter enables connectivity between a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac to a FireWire device. The adapter is small and compact and connects to any Thunderbolt port.

The Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 Adapter provides a FireWire 800 port that supplies up to 7W for bus-powered peripherals like cameras, hard drives and audio devices. This adapter is compatible ONLY with Thunderbolt-equipped Mac computers running OSX 10.7.4 or later.