Online Webinar: How Can I Enhance my Tethered Capture Experience?

Posted by: on Mar 24, 2014

Online Webinar: How Can I Enhance my Tethered Capture Experience?

prtkco-tether-tools-pro-tethering-kit-capture-one-pro-02-webCapture One has many great tools for providing a simple and fast tethered capture experience. 

Many cameras from Nikon, Canon and of course Phase One and Leaf products can capture directly to Capture One. Simply connect your camera and shoot. 

In this particular webinar Phase One will concentrate on two features that make Capture One the best choice for capturing directly. 


Capture Pilot 

Capture Pilot is an iOS application or simply a web portal available on any device, that gives a mobile way to view, rate and asses the shoot in progress. Use it for your clients to enjoy the shoot away from the capture station (no more monitor huddle!) or use it for your stylist, assistant or model to collaborate and be involved. 

Finally, use it as a secondary monitor for yourself close to camera. 

With the iOS application, you can also control the camera, capturing anywhere in the studio or on location. 

Ill show you how to setup a secure wireless connection for Capture One and work with all the features that make this a must have option when working tethered. 

Live View 

Compatible cameras with Live View functionality can also transmit this view to Capture One. Use this as a way to accurately focus and compose without having to make captures or overlay a layout on the Live View image to also aid composition. 

All our webinars are interactive and Questions are encouraged throughout the webinar. This is your chance to talk directly with Phase One employees. 


There are two sessions for this webinar on the same day. Choose the one that is most applicable for your time zone. 

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