How to keep cables from falling off the desk to the floor

Posted by: on Jun 13, 2014

How to keep cables from falling off the desk to the floor

How many times have you unplugged a phone or device to then watch the cable quickly slip away falling off the desk to the floor? Or been on your hands and knees searching for the charging cord that fell behind the nightstand? Or just simply not paying attention and stepped directly on our charger cord?

Well here is one of those fantastic solutions that has us thinking ‘why didn’t we think of that’? Well, just because we didn’t think of it, someone did – and it’s by JerkStopper™.  






JerkStopper Catch™

The JerkStopper Catch is an ideal cable catcher because it mounts to any desk, underside of a table, nightstand or any flat surface.  You can permanently affixed the JerkStopper Catch with an epoxy, bonding adhesive or double sided tape or you can temporarily anchor it with the included Velcro.


With the cable loosely secured in the JerkStopper, when the cable is released it will simply retract to the JerkStopper and clear off valuable desk or table space.  But the best part is the cable will not fall to the floor or under your desk; it will be exactly where you left it, waiting for its next use.

The patented JerkStopper Catch holds cables from 3.5mm to 8.5mm in diameter. Cables of this size range from standard A/C power cords, USB, HDMI, phone and guitar cables, to just name a few. This provides a fantastic versatile cable management solution for keeping cables organized, in their place and even prevention from damage.

So how does the JerkStopper work?

Installation Instructions

STEP 1 – Anchor the appropriate Part B into a spare computer port or per the specific JerkStopper model (i.e Clamp, Twist, Stretch, Catch, etc.).

STEP 2 – With the power, computer, music or video cable connected to the device, slide Part A over the cord or cable. Leaving some cable slack between the device connection and the JerkStopper, slide Part A onto Part B engaging the locking teeth.

STEP 3 – After aligning Part A and Part B, push Part A in the direction indicated to lock the cord or cable in place.

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