[How I Got The Shot] Beer, Lighting, Power and Tethering

Posted by: on Aug 24, 2021

[How I Got The Shot] Beer, Lighting, Power and Tethering

Lighting can be a complex component that can bring depth and character to your photographs. Photography lighting expert Wes Kroninger is no stranger to this. We go behind the scenes with Wes as he takes us on-location to a beverage photoshoot where he had the opportunity to rebrand and overhaul the look and feel of a New Orleans-based beverage company. Wes delves into how the use of his setup, lighting techniques, and power management made it a successful shoot with great image results.  

Gear Used

Initial Setup

A setup is always crucial when working on location. Wes mentioned that you want to keep things efficient and minimal as to avoid carrying bulky equipment and keeping in mind time and efficiency of the shoot. In this particular situation, Wes wanted to avoid the use of too many cables and wires to avoid trip hazards, have ample freedom movement of his setup while also giving him the ability to move around with ease.  

Lighting Techniques

The rebranding of the beer company was looking for a more bright, airy, saturated appearance—something out in the open and under the sun. For that reason, Wes used strobed lighting with the use of the Profoto B1X Lights, a 4 Foot Octabank, and a Westcott Beauty Dish. With these lighting materials, he was able to accomplish two things. It helped balance the crisp, poppy outdoor look, while also showcasing a shallow, depth of field when it came to the lifestyle images he was shooting. Shooting at a wider aperture allowed Wes to shoot more complicated images where his main focus was the product while blurring out the background.  

Tethering & Power Management

A crucial part of Wes’ setup was being able to view his images instantly, which is why being tethered into his laptop was key. Not only was he able to view his images instantly, but it gave him the opportunity to work alongside art directors and his clients to meticulously review the images in real time. Being tethered to a laptop required a lot of power which meant that power management was crucial in Wes’ workflow. With the help of the ONsite D-Tap Battery to AC Supply, D-Tap Battery with V-Mount, and ONsite Versa V-Mount, Wes stayed powered up for hours at a time. This allowed him the freedom to continue his shooting by simply switching out his D-Tap batteries with ease, review his images, and end up with great images and happy clients at the end of the shoot.  

Watch the whole video where Wes goes over his beverage photoshoot below. 

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About Wes 

Wes Kroninger is a national award winning commercial and portrait photographer and author of Lighting Design Techniques for Digital Photographers. An accomplished educator, Wes teaches advertising photography at The Rocky Mountain School of Photography and has spoken at WPPI, Imaging USA, SPAC, SYNC, SYNC Sports, and as well as numerous local photo chapters. He has been published in several national publications including Rolling Stone, Modern Salon, American Salon, and After Capture magazines. Wes is currently still working in the commercial photography field and is the lead systems trainer and customer support representative for Next Gen Photo Solutions. Check out his portfolio here.