Extended Camera Power for Video, Time-lapse, and Long Shoots

Posted by: on Nov 08, 2017

Extended Camera Power for Video, Time-lapse, and Long Shoots
No matter what type of photography or film your making, if you’re on a long shoot power is going to be an issue. Consistent camera up-time is critical in video, time-lapse, or on a long photo shoot. A pause to swap out batteries can mean a missed shot and wasted time on set. A first of its kind, the Case Relay provides uninterruptible power for a DSLR or mirrorless camera using any standard 5V USB external battery pack.

Case Relay Camera Power System

The Case Relay Camera Power system works in sync with the Relay Camera Coupler, designed specifically for your camera. A Relay Camera Coupler is inserted directly into the camera battery port, then connected to the Case Relay CPS. The Case Relay connects directly to any standard 5V external battery, commonly known as a portable USB charger, widely available at most stores or via TetherTools.com. With Case Relay’s own secondary, internal 1200 mAh battery, if the photographer’s external battery pack runs low it’s easy to hot swap the external battery and not lose power to the camera. With the Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) from Tether Tools, photographers will be able to shoot considerably longer than with a standard camera battery. A 10,000 mAh external battery will provide 3-10 times the power of most camera batteries, depending on the camera. That means that when you’re out on vacating, you won’t have to worry about carrying extra batteries with you or heading back to the hotel to charge a battery. The Case Relay Camera Power System is also more cost-effective than purchasing multiple proprietary camera batteries and is compatible with many Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Black Magic cameras and can be powered by any 5V USB power bank any 2.1+A USB Wall Adapter or any Dtap (VMount) battery system.  It can also power any monitors and accessories that use the Sony NPFL Series batteries. Best of all, the external battery pack you bring along to power your camera is non-proprietary. You can power your camera with the same 5V external battery pack you use to charge your phone or tablet.


  • Continually power your camera with USB battery packs
  • Hot-swap batteries mid-shooting with no downtime
  • No need to purchase multiple camera batteries
  • More cost effective than purchasing multiple proprietary camera batteries
  • Power sources are non-proprietary, so you can power your camera with the same 5V battery you use to charge phones or tablets
  • Never need to charge camera batteries again

See the Case Relay in Action

Filmmaker Ben Yeatman recently took the Case Relay to Iceland to create this incredible timelapse. Case Relay is very popular with night photographers, including the experts at National Parks at Night. Panora.me utilizes the Case Relay as part of their panoramic selfie solutions for events and tourists attractions, as highlighted in this recent blog on TetherTalk.com.
Photo Courtesy of Ben Yeatman
Photo Courtesy of National Parks at Night
Panora.me installation in Paris. Three cameras on a Rock Solid Cross Bar, cameras powered by the Case Relay.