CamRanger Now Supports Nikon D750 + Canon 7D MKII

Posted by: on Nov 17, 2014

CamRanger Now Supports Nikon D750 + Canon 7D MKII


CamRanger has recently added support for the Nikon D750 and the Canon 7D Mark II.  These updates are free and are available from the CamRanger software download center.

For a complete list of Nikon and Canon cameras supported by CamRanger please click here: CamRanger Support Cameras

Interested in the CamRanger but not sure if you have the right cable to use with your DSLR? It’s important to note CamRanger comes with a USB 2.0 Mini-B 5-pin Cable, which works with most supported cameras.  However there are some exceptions: The Nikon D750, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7100 are all require a USB 2.0 Mini-B 8-pin Cables.

The Nikon he D800/e, D810/e and Canon 7D Mark II all require a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Micro-B cable.  


Recently added, CamRanger now supports multi-camera tethering, where multiple cameras (each equip with a CamRanger) can all wireless tether to one computer (Mac or Windows) simultaneously.

Not sure which device to transmit your images to when shooting with CamRanger?  Here is a complete list of compatible devices:

iOS:  iPad 1 and newer (including iPad mini), iPhone 3GS and newer, and iPod Touch 3rd generation and newer
Android:  3.2 software and up
Kindle: Kindle Fire HD and HDX

The above tablets can be mounted to any tripod, stand, camera sling or Arm using the Wallee System or Tether Tools’ AeroTab Universal Tablet Mount.

Mac OSX: 10.7 and 10.8 OS
Windows: Windows 7 and 8 OS
Both of the above can be mounted to nya tripod or stand using the Tether Table Aero System.

All of the above mentioned software is available for free from the CamRanger Software Download Center