3 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for High Volume Sports Photographers

Posted by: on Jul 12, 2018

3 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for High Volume Sports Photographers

Creativity often comes with unique lighting, post-processing, and posing, but if the old adage of “time is money” is true then nothing matters more than a streamlined workflow. This especially rings true for high volume sports photographers.

If you’re shooting solo and team shots to composites and memory mates, here are 3 must-have products that will make your workflow run flawlessly and even lead to greater sales.

High Volume Wireless Tethering Kit

Let’s start off with a bang and talk about the High Volume Wireless Tethering Kit, the all-inclusive, Cadillac of high volume on location tethered shooting.

This kit offers wireless tethering and unlimited mounting options for mounting your iPad or tablet just about anywhere imaginable including a tripod leg, lightstand, and more. When shooting high volume on location, this kit won’t slow you down, setting up quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

  • Use your tablet to wirelessly tether
  • Review shots on a large high resolution tablet screen
  • Collaborate with athletes, students, parents and coaches on shot setup and selection
  • Mount your tablet on your tripod or other surfaces using the included tablet mount setup

High Volume Wired Tethering Kit

Another key ingredient to a successful sports photography business is a solid workflow at the point of capture. As a sports photographer, you need to focus on lighting and execution of the concept. The High Volume Wired Tethering Kit is the ideal package to help sports photographers’ transition to a consistent tethered photography workflow.

This kit allows for adjustments to your camera without the need to raise or lower your tethered computer or laptop. Designed with school shoots in mind, simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate height as subjects enter the frame.

Key Features:

    • Kit includes Tether Table Aero and key accessories to optimize your tethered workflow
    • Quickly transfer images from your camera to your computer
    • Easily adjust camera height with this complete workstation setup

Tether Tools Aero Sunshade


Not a surprise that sports photographers are often working outside out on the field. The problem with that lies in the ability for you to see your computer or tablet screen in harsh sunlight. The Tether Tools Aero Sunshade is the perfect solution for any photographer struggling to see their laptop screen in bright light. The Sunshade eliminates reflections and glare on the laptop screen and keeps the viewing area dark.

Key Features:

      • Works well in combination with the Tether Table Aero
      • Collapses flat and fits in the Tether Table Aero storage case for safe keeping and easy transport