9 Ways To Add Extension To Your Hotshoe

Posted by: on May 18, 2015

9 Ways To Add Extension To Your Hotshoe


The all-aluminum casted Accessory Extension Bar helps keep your work area clean and holds multiple items at once.   The extension bar can attach many of the accessories you need onto the camera or stand, and out of the way. It’s sturdy metal design will not bend under the weight of external monitors, lighting, and audio recording solutions on small video productions. Its usefulness makes it easier to mount and hold all these items with limited hands on set.  You can also us it to help get children to focus on your camera by mounting a visual aid to your extension bar, while still being able to take full advantage of your studio strobes and lighting equipment. The mounting possibilities are endless, but here are 9 ways the Accessory Extension Bar can help mount the gear you need secured to your camera or stand:



1. Turn your camera into a full on professional video rig
Easily attach an external monitor, microphone, and LED light to the Accessory Extension Bar on top of your camera to free up your work space and the number of people needed on set to get the shot.


2. Manage your flash triggers 
Putting your flash triggers on the Accessory Extension Bar allows you add additional accessories on top of your camera like a GoPro or an additional speedlight.

3. Turn anything into a lightstand
By attaching the extension bar to the Rock Solid EasyGrip you can easily turn anything into a light stand now without needing stands or sandbags.   Attach the EasyGrip to a fence or a pipe making it easy to get additional lighting and triggering into your shoot.  



4. Use that GoPro! 
GoPro’s have become an important part of our workflow.  Now you can use that GoPro even better.  Mount it to the extension bar with an LED light to get better lighting at night.  Or mount your GoPro with GoPro Tripod Mount with a PocketWizard to the extension bar and capture great behind scenes video of your latest shoot while still being able to use your strobes.   



5. Go Handsfree
It’s no secret photographers are fans of tablets, and we have started to incorporate them into our photo workflow.  Attach a CamRanger with a radio receiver to the extension bar, to tether wirelessly, control your camera and trigger remotely without having to hit the camera’s shutter button. 

ll311-tether-tools-look-lock-system-smartphone-holder-rock-solid-articulating-arm-smart-clip-extension-bar-8-200mm-01-web6. Do it for the kids (human or furry)
If you’ve ever taken a photo of a child (or a pet), you know how difficult it can be to get them to look at your camera.  Use the Look Lock System plus a radio trigger to bring the attention back to your camera, and fire the strobes to nail the shot.




7. Can you hear me now?
Mount a field recorder, a microphone, a wireless mic receiver or all three on top of your camera, or off-camera on your tripod/monopod for a complete audio solution.  Taking the audio off the camera will help reduce noise and shake from camera movements.



8. No Jerks Allowed
Take advantage of the 1/4 20 thread on the Accessory Extension Bar and attach a  JerkStopper  for additional cable and protection.  


9. Keep it Level 

Cold shoe levels are great for making sure the images you are making are level.  Have you ever had to insert your level to check your horizon, then pull it out to add additional accessories? Now you don’t have to,  keep it level, and keep the accessories you want all together.