Starter Tethering Kit

The Starter Tethering Kit from Tether Tools will help you seamlessly transition into a tethered workflow and provides the basics you need to get started.

Includes Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

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Select Your Camera



The Easiest Way to Get Started Tethering

Choice of TetherPro Cable

TetherPro USB & FireWire cables are premium quality and designed for high capacity photo transfer at fast speed while shooting tethered. Gold plating and ferrite cores reduce noise and signal errors for the most reliable tethering experience. Use our Find Your Cable page to choose the correct cable for your style of camera.

JerkStopper Cable Management

  • JerkStopper Camera Support removes the stress and strain from a cable or cord, ensuring the plug stays in your camera.
  • JerkStopper USB Support removes the stress and strain from a cable or cord, ensuring the plug stays in your laptop.
    *Depending on your cable type, the Starter Kit includes a Jerkstopper Camera Support, and either a JerkStopper USB Support (JS005) (with USB 2.0 and 3.0 Kits) or JerkStopper Flat Mount (JS016) (with USB C Kits).
  • ProTab Cable Ties – Small (10pk) are ideal for thin to medium gauge cables and cords such as A/C, USB, HDMI and music cables up to about 15ft (4.6m) in length.

Tether Tools Organization Case (Standard)

The Tether Tools Organization Case (Standard) is an easily accessible, durable storage case for cables, straps and JerkStoppers. Keep gear together, the Cable Organization Case fits nicely inside all of the Tether Table Aero Storage Cases.

Tethering Software – Optional Add-on

Tethering requires software support. If you don’t already have software with tethering capabilities, here are a number of software options available.


We have built our reputation on designing and manufacturing products that exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, safety, security, and durability. Our Lifetime Warranty covers this specific product for any failure due to manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Normal wear and tear is not covered under our warranty policy.

Suggested Uses:

  • Get everything you need to get started tethering

Product Specifications:

TetherPro Cable

  • 15′ (4.6m) long
  • Black or High-Visibilty Orange

JerkStopper Cable Management

  • JerkStopper works with USB, FireWire, HDMI, or flash sync cables 3.5 – 8.5mm in diameter
  • Camera Support has quick-release feature
  • Starter Kits with USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables will include a JerkStopper USB Support (JS005)
  • Starter Kits with a USB-C cable will include a JerkStopper Flat Mount (JS016)

Tether Tools Organization Case (Standard)

  • 8″w x 8″h x 2″d
  • Black with clear front window
  • Ideal for cables less than 20′ (6m) long

ProTab Cable Ties – Small (10pk)

  • Non-reflective black
  • Dimensions: 5.3in (135mm) x 0.65in (16mm)
  • Package includes ten (10) cable ties

What’s Included:

  • TetherPro Cable

    TetherPro USB Cable (CU)

  • Camera JerkStopper

    JerkStopper Camera Support (JS020)

  • USB Computer JerkStopper

    JerkStopper USB Support* (JS005) or JerkStopper Flat Mount (JS016)

  • Cable Case

    Tether Tools Organization Case (Standard) (TTPCC)

  • Cable Wraps

    ProTab Cable Ties – Small (10pk) (CT002)

*On USB-C Starter Tethering Kits, a JerkStopper Flat Mount (JS016) replaces the JerkStopper USB Support (JS005)