RapidMount Q20 Installation Instructions

Posted by: on Apr 11, 2016

Compatible Mounting Surfaces The RapidMount Q20 is designed to be used with the Tether Tools RapidStrips. RapidStrips adhere to smooth and lightly textured surfaces including drywall, painted walls, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain and marble. Do not mount to raw wood, brick, soft plastics, vinyl, fabric, Venetian painted surfaces, or wallpaper. Prepping the Mounting Surface Before mounting ensure surface is free of oils and dirt. Gently clean mounting surface with rubbing alcohol and cloth. Let dry. Do not use household cleaners. Be sure to follow compatible surface guidelines for best results. Installing the Q20 Peel backing off RapidStrip (RS). Attach RS to Q20 device. Peel backing off other side of RS. Press device, with RS, firmly on mounting surface for 30 seconds. Let cure 3 minutes. Adding Gear to the Q20 Press device firmly against wall again before mounting cameras or other accessories to the Q20 device. Hold articulating arm firmly with one hand while tightening device with the other hand to avoid any rotation pressure on the Q20 device. Be sure to maintain less than 1.5lbs of gear on Q20. How to Remove the Q20 To remove from surface, place thumb and forefinger in the grips on the RapidMount Q20. Pull slowly from one side of the device, with applied pulling pressure, to release seal on strip. Once removed from the surface, peel off RS. When ready to use again, repeat process with new RapidStrip. Have more questions? Read FAQ here