Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Center Lock Instructions

Posted by: on Aug 15, 2017

Reassembling the Rock Solid 7″ and 11″ Articulating Arm with Center Lock

The Rock Solid Articulating Arm fully disassembled. Each piece is in the correct order that they should go back together in. 1. Place the large pin through the first arm. You may need to rotate the round cylinder until it’s as close to flush as you can make it. It will not ever be completely flush. 2. While holding the cylinder in place, place the star washer on the protruding screw. 3. Thread the second arm onto the protruding screw. 4. Place the remaining cylinder, with the cut end facing in towards the arm, into the second arm. Again, rotate the cylinder until it’s as flush as possible. You will know it’s correct when there is enough thread showing on the screw to apply the knob. 5. Thread the knob onto the screw and tighten. For help with assembly, identifying parts, product information or to order accessories, please contact us: Telephone: 888-854-6565 Email: