The Tether Tools Tether Table Aero System

Tether Tools’ innovative solutions provide photographers, filmmakers and other creative professionals with laptop, tablet and monitor workstations assisting with the integration of technology into the creative workflow.

Simple Design, Impressive Function

The Tether Table Aero System, conceived by professional photographers and designed by aerospace engineers, offers the most versatile workstation systems for professional and enthusiast photographers.

Works with All Your Existing Stands and Tripods

At the heart of the Aero system is Tether Tools’ patented state of the art LAJO-4 ProBracket which integrates the four most common versatile support attachments utilized by photographers.  The LAJO-4 ProBracket makes the Tether Table simple to set up with an integrated quick release Arca-style mount, a 1/4″-20 tripod thread, a 3/8″ tripod mount and a 5/8″ baby junior pin receptor.  The Tether Table mounts to any tripod, stand, arm or ProClamp in seconds, no adapters needed.

Tether Tools knows all photo shoots are different.  Having professional tools and complete versatility to adapt to any given situation is essential.   The Aero System’s sleek design and lightweight materials make it the perfect portable workstation for on-location shooting and its durable construction and flexibility is ideal for everyday use in the studio.  Made from T6 Aerospace Aluminum the Tether Table, and its robust line of accessories, integrate seamlessly into any photographer’s workflow.

T6 Aerospace Aluminum

Constructed completely of T6 Aerospace aluminum, the Aero is lightweight and virtually indestructible.  Available in 2 stunning colors, brilliant brushed silver and non-reflective black.

Get Creative

Versatile design for creative tethering configurations.  In addition to traditional studio stands and tripods, attach the Aero to a variety of accessories including, but not limited to Rock Solid ProClamps, articulating arms and swivel pins.  Optimally balanced to provide a stable, large working surface, the  Aero System is available in a variety of sizes and configurations but can be custom designed to meet your unique needs.

Easy to Use

Lightweight sleek design, the Aero System attaches to any support or tripod in seconds, saving valuable set-up time.  Easier than mounting a strobe, simply place the Aero on a support of choice and secure.  And when it’s time to breakdown the photo shoot, remove from support and place it into the included case for easy transport or storage.

Boundless Functionality

Not always tethered, but always prepared and always professional.  The Aero Table serves as your workstation home base.  Use it for everything you need to get the shot right.  Flexible, versatile and portable, the table will hold your shot lists, Pocket Wizards, lenses, batteries or any type of gear needed within arms reach.  In studio, mount the Aero Table on a roller stand to quickly reposition equipment as angles and photo shoots evolve.

Increase Professional Approach

Set yourself apart, tethered photography and the proper tools, including the Tether Table Aero, will increase your professional approach on photo shoots both in the studio and on location.

Travel Light

Designed for studio or location shoots, the Tether Table Aero’s lightweight and compact design is the ideal laptop tethering platform for photographers.  No need to travel with a special dedicated base, the Tether Table works with all the stands and supports already going to the photo shoot.  Stores and travels easy with an included durable custom case.


Designed to work with photographer’s existing equipment, additional custom accessories have also been developed to seamlessly integrate with the Aero System.

Lifetime Warranty

Made in the U.S.A.  Tether Tools is committed to providing the highest quality tethering and workstation solutions and we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.

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