X Lock Case Instructions

How to Install the X Lock Case

  1. Insert the bottom of the iPad (end with the “Home” button) into the X Lock case.
  2. Insert the top corners by pressing the iPad into the case. Ensure the X Lock case is turned in the correct direction. The speaker and camera cut-outs on the case should line up with the iPad’s speaker and camera.
  3. If needed, roll top corners onto the the iPad.


  1. Ensure there are no stickers or skins on the rear surface of the iPad. If there are any items on back of the iPad the X Lock case will not fit properly. Improper installation may damage the case and risk the security of the iPad.
  2. The top corners are not designed to hook over the iPad glass, rather the case will hook onto the outer silver bezel.
  3. If one top corner of the X Lock case locks into place and the other top corner will not, try reversing the top corner installation process by first locking on the top corner that did not clip on originally, then the other corner.
  4. The X Lock case is designed to be a snug fit acting as a protective case for the everyday uses of the iPad. Should you decide to remove the case you will find subsequent installations of the case easy.

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