How to Ease the Process of Selling Your Photography

Posted by: on Jan 14, 2021

How to Ease the Process of Selling Your Photography
Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Photography is a pastime enjoyed by millions all over the world. People love to take photos, edit photos and share them with the world. In addition to being a hobby, photography is an industry where there is money to be made.

For example, you can sell Lightroom presets to content creators, film editors or anyone else who wants to save time and get their content out faster. If you want more information, Payhip explains how to promote Lightroom presets. However, what if you want to sell your photography itself? 

What are the steps to take in order to ease the process and make some profit from your work? In an effort to help, this article is going to go through a few simple steps to help you simplify and ease the process of selling your photography.

Ensure You Get the Perfect Photo With Tethering

Of course, the first step to selling your photography is capturing a photo. Whatever you are taking a photo of, your goal is to get the best possible shot. Unfortunately, this can often take a lot of time. That is, unless you use tethering. Tethered photography provides several benefits for photographers looking to profit off of their photos.

It lets you view images on a larger screen to get a better look at their quality, and lets you adjust and fine-tune things quicker and easier. It also lets you collaborate more easily, and also directly saves the images into your chosen folder.

Best of all, tethering can often save you a ton of time and ensure you get the right shot as quickly as possible. All of this can ensure your photo is as high-quality as possible, and is something that people will be interested in purchasing or licensing.

Choose the Right Medium to Sell Your Photos

Once you have captured the best photos possible, and have edited and perfected them if need be, you need to choose how you want to sell them. There are a number of different options at your disposal. Your photos can be sold on stock photography agencies, platforms like Amazon and Etsy, as well as art galleries. Many of these already have built-in customers/viewers, which is always a plus.

Instead of going this route, you could also create your own website or blog to show off your photos and prints. This could be a blog that features your photos, or an online art gallery that exists solely to show off your photos. Whether you are selling your photos for people to include as stock images in their content, or as art itself, any of these mediums can be fruitful. 

Use Social Media and Advertise

Photo Credit: Pixabay

While it would be lovely if people just flocked to your photos and bought them instantly, that won’t be the case. It will take some time to get your name and work out there to those interested in buying it.

With billions of people using social media, it is an obvious place to go in order to show off your photos in hopes of people buying them. Using it can expect your reach, can allow you to reach out to potential customers and showcase all of the photos you have taken. Instagram is great for this, but other platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can also be useful.

In addition to social media, there are other ways to advertise your photos. You could utilize email marketing, paid advertising, partner with different organizations and several other tactics. While the platform you sell your photos from may provide a little bit of advertising assistance, it will generally be up to you to show the world your photos.

In conclusion, we hope that the information in this blog post has been able to help you sell your photography more easily. By following the steps included in this article, from using tethered photography to advertising correctly, making a profit from your photos can be easier than ever.