Aero XDC / XDC Duo Instructions

Posted by: on May 20, 2016

How to Install the Aero XDC/XDC Duo:

Use an allen wrench to remove the LAJO bracket from the bottom of your Tether Table Aero – (an allen wrench was supplied with your Tether Table and LAJO bracket)

Slide the Aero XDC or XDC Duo onto the bottom of the table on either the left or right side of the table.

Secure the XDC’s u-shaped lip over the flat table edge, aligning the two XDC slots with the four holes on the Tether Table. Please note the Aero XDC and XDC Duo can only be attached properly to the left side of the Aero MacBook Pro 13″ Table.

Thread the four Tether Table screws, tightening with allen wrench. Make final placement adjustments to the Aero XDC before securely fastening.