Complete Tethering System for Real Estate Photography

From lighting to composition – there’s a lot that goes into getting that perfect shot. Creating captivating images of interior spaces that help prospective buyers envision their future home or space is the goal of any real estate photographer. This is where the ultimate tethering setup comes into play. Designed with the working professional photographer in mind, the Real Estate Photography Kit is the ideal setup to help real estate photographers transition to a consistent and successful tethered photography workflow.

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In real estate photography, capturing the right angles is key to achieving the perfect images. Photographers need to be calculated on the composition, open spaces, and unique features of the subject. There’s often a lot going on and having a tethered workstation available lets you see your image on a large screen so you’re able to catch that debris on the ground or crooked lampshade. With the Real Estate Photography Kit, you’ll have all the right tools you need to ensure that your clients are satisfied, and your photoshoot runs efficiently. With an end-to-end solution that includes tools that allow you to be mobile and have a minimal yet effective setup, this kit has everything you need to elevate your business.

Product Specifications:

Rock Solid Tripod Roller

  • All aluminum legs with an ABS plastic protective housing.
  • Metal locking thumbscrew and non-damaging rubber feet to hold and protect tripod legs.
  • Wheels feature all-metal locking casters with cushioned rubber threads.
  • Easy-to-turn knurled tightening screws secure each tripod leg in the roller.
  • Expandable base legs extend from the center between 10.75″ – 15.25″
  • Total wingspan ranges from to 23″-31″
  • Height of typical tripod, installed can range from 34.25″ to 46.50″
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 33lbs (15kg)
  • Size when folded:

    • Length: 18″(450mm)
    • Width: 6.25″(159mm)
    • Height: 6″(155mm)


    • Adjustable to any pole or beam from 1/4″ (.635cm) to 3″ (7.62cm) in diameter
    • Secure any object from 1/4″ (.635cm) to 3.5″ (8.9cm) in diameter
    • Industrial GripperElastic® lining to ensures item security and prevents sliding
    • Max weight capacity: 2lbs (.9kg)
    • Product weight: 0.15lbs (68grams)
    • When not in use, leave the StrapMoore on the stand, on the object or remove entirely

    Relay A Camera Power System

    Onsite Relay C

    • Perfect for: astrophotography, night photography, timelapses, shooting video, long exposures, travel photography
    • Continually power your camera with USB battery packs
    • Hot swap batteries mid-shooting with no downtime
    • No need to purchase multiple camera batteries
    • Compatible with most Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Olympus cameras and many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors and lights
    • Can be adapted for use with D-Tap batteries

    Relay Camera Coupler

    • Relay Coupler is simply an insert for your camera battery cavity that enables powering the camera via Case Relay Camera Power System. The coupler does not contain a battery or hold a charge.
    • Coupler cable is 10″ (25.4cm) – Coupler cable with Relay cable is 50″ (127cm)

    ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh Battery Pack

    • High Capacity 26,800 mAh LG
    • 1X USB-C, 87W PD
    • Type-C input DC5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A
    • 2X USB Output
    • USB output 1 & 2: DC3.8-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
    • Travel friendly, TSA-compliant
    • Dimensions: 3.15″ x 7.1″ x 1″ (80mm x 180mm x 22mm)
    • Weight: 1.3lbs (550g)

    Air Direct

    • USB-C Camera Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11AC Transfer rates up to 443Mbps, 220Mbps throughput
    • Bandwidth: 2.4 and 5GHz
    • Range: up to 200 feet (60m)
    • CPU: 580MHz Mipsel
    • RAM: 64M DDR
    • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 3.6″ x 2.7″ (39mm x 92mm x 68.6mm)
    • Weight: 6oz (170g)

    TetherArca Air Direct Clamp for L-Brackets

    • Standard 1/4″-20 thread for securing arms for lights and other items.
    • Lightweight, Low-Profile design
    • Aluminum construction
    • Non-Reflective Black

    Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Kit

    • The Master Arm + Clamp Kit enables mounting on any round or flat surface from 1/2 – 2.1″ in diameter or thickness
    • Load Capacity up to 9.75lbs (4.5kg)
    • Maximum Arm Extension of 21″(53.4cm)
    • Arm is compatible with Baby 5/8″ (16mm) receptor
    • 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 threads on each end for added versatility
    • Clamp features Baby 5/8″(16mm) Socket for use with of a wide variety of attachments including the Rock Solid Double Articulating Arm, Camera Platform, Rock Solid Aero Elbow, Baby Ballhead Adapter and more.
    • Clamp has built -in 1/4″-20 threads for mounting smaller Rock Solid Articulating Arms
    • Clamp features a non-reflective black finish and metal lift-ratchet style handle for tightening in confined spaces
    • Clamp includes 5/8″(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4″-20 male thread insert
    • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

    Smart Shooter 4 (Optional)

    • High-performance tethering engine
    • Exceptional reliability
    • Automatic download and display
    • Shoot to camera card, computer or both
    • Supports RAW and JPG
    • Live View display including overlay mode
    • Supports Canon, Sony and Nikon Cameras
    • Mac and Windows support

    AeroTab Universal Tablet System

    • All Metal Construction
    • Polyvinyl-coated corners for protection and security
    • Small – 8.75″(22.2cm) to 13.25″(33.66cm) – 0.70″(1.78cm) in thickness
    • Large – 13.5″(34.3cm) to 20″(51cm) – 0.82″(2cm) in thickness

    TetherPro USB Cable

    • 15′ (4.6m) long
    • Black or High-Visibilty Orange

What’s Included:

Rock Solid Tripod Roller

Rock Solid Tripod Roller (RSDL012) (Optional)



StrapMoore (SSMRST) (Optional)


Relay C Camera Power System

Relay A Camera Power System (CRUPS110) (Optional)


ONsite Relay C Camera Power System

ONsite Relay C Camera Power System (ORC115) (Optional)


Relay Camera Coupler

Relay Camera Coupler (CR)


ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh PD Battery Pack

ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh PD Battery Pack (SDAC15)


Air Direct Wireless Tethering System

Air Direct Wireless Tethering System (AD7)


TetherArca Air Direct Clamp for L-Brackets

TetherArca Air Direct Clamp for L-Brackets (SS004)


Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Kit

Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Kit (RS290KT)


Smart Shooter

Smart Shooter (SMRT4) (Optional)


AeroTab Universal Tablet System

AeroTab Universal Tablet System (AEROTAB)


TetherPro Cable

TetherPro USB Cable (CU)