ONsite Relay C Camera Power System

The ONsite Relay C Camera Power System lets you power your camera continually with any external USB-C battery or AC wall power, providing peace of mind knowing you have an uninterrupted power source for your camera. Requires Relay Camera Coupler (sold separately)

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Uninterrupted Power For Your Camera With Any USB-C Battery Pack or AC Wall Power

Key Features:

  • Perfect for: astrophotography, night photography, timelapses, shooting video, long exposures, and travel photography
  • Continually power your camera with USB-C battery packs or AC wall power
  • Run two batteries simultaneously for longer runtime and no downtime
  • No need to purchase multiple camera batteries
  • Universally compatible with most proprietary Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic and Olympus cameras, many Sony NP-F L-Series video monitors and lights and compatible with cameras and devices requiring up to 8V of power
  • Can be adapted for use with D-Tap batteries
  • Easy mounting options with integrated silicon strap and 1/4″-20 mount

ONsite Relay C Camera Power System provides the most up-to-date USB-C technology to photographers by giving them uninterrupted power to their camera with the ability to “hot swap” between multiple USB-C batteries which gives them the flexibility needed on a photoshoot.​

How Does it Work

ONsite Relay C Infographic

The ONsite Relay C connects to a power bank, wall adapter, and/or D-Tap battery using the two USB-C connections. The other end of the ONsite Relay connects to the Relay Camera Coupler (sold separately) which is inserted into your DSLR or mirrorless camera to power your camera without interruption.

ONsite Relay C Camera System

Suggested Uses:

  • ONsite Relay C is ideal for time-lapse photography, astro-photography, or any photography that requires extended shooting time such as nature, fashion, landscape, architecture and more.
  • ONsite Relay C is ideal for video production as you can swap the External Battery Bank, without having to stop shooting to change camera batteries.
  • ONsite Relay C can be used with the NP-F platform to power any compatible device between 7v and 9v, like monitors, LED lights, video cameras, recorders, etc.
  • Use it to power Photobooths to ensure consistent uptime throughout an event.

Perfect for: Architectural Photographers, Landscape Photographers, Video Shooters, Wedding Photographers

Product Specifications:

  • Input: TYPE C PD 12V/2.5A (or above)
  • Output: DC 8V/3A
  • 1/4″ 20 thread
  • Weight: 10.55oz (299g)

What is the Proper Way to Connect the ONsite Relay C? Here’s the Recommended Connection Sequence:

  1. Keeping the cables unconnected, insert Relay Camera Coupler into camera, completely close door.
  2. Connect the ONsite Relay C to the power source
  3. Connect the Relay Camera Coupler to the ONsite Relay
  4. Turn camera on

Find Your Relay Camera Coupler

Relay Camera Couplers from Tether Tools work in tandem with the ONsite Relay C and ONsite Relay A to keep your camera powered continually with an external USB battery pack, D-Tap battery, or wall power.

Chart of compatible cameras and couplers

What’s Included:

  • One (1) ONsite Relay C
  • One (1) Adapter for Nikon Couplers
  • One (1) Adapter for Canon Couplers
  • One (1) 4.2mm female to 5mm female reducer
  • One (1) 5mm female to 5mm female coupler
  • Relay Camera Coupler and external battery power sold seperately