Get to Know: Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar

Posted by: on Jun 01, 2017

Get to Know: Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar
The Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar is a must-have for anyone shooting tethered to a laptop in-studio or on location. A perfectly elegant solution to tethered shooting, the Cross Bar lets you view images on a laptop or tablet right next to your camera. The Tripod Cross Bar can mount Aero tables, iPads, Monitors or anything with a female 3/8” thread and features dual-locking ratcheting handles to keep your gear secured. The convenient knurling on each mounting point makes connecting and disconnecting your gear a breeze. While mounting a laptop and camera to your Tripod Cross Bar may be the most popular solution, it’s by no means the only solution for this versatile piece of equipment.
Here our six favorite ways to use the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar!
Mount a Tether Table Aero and Camera Ball Head to a tripod for a professional and compact workstation
Add a Tether Table Aero to one side, and then attach a ball head to the other. This is a great way to setup a spot to set your camera down while checking your photos captured in your tether session.
Tether directly into your Surface Pro tablet, securing it to the Crossbar with an AeroTab S4 and Camera Ball Head
The Surface Pro is growing in popularity with photographers and for good reason. Add an AeroTab S4 to the mix and you can mount your camera and tablet on the same tripod for a sleek, compact workstation.
Go big or go home! Mount a monitor using the Local Vu Monitor Mount and Camera Ball Head.
The Local Vu monitor mount is designed for the creative professional looking for a streamlined way to mount small to medium size monitors on a tripod or Arca-compatible system.
Mount the Cross Bar on a Lightstand, C-stand, or rolling studio stand with the Rock Solid Baby Ball Head Adapter
If you’d like to mount the Cross Bar on a lightstand or c-stand, it’s easy to do so with the Tether Tools Baby Ball Head Adapter. Simply attach the adapter to the cross bar, and then effortlessly mount it on the stand.
Mount a camera ball head to the end of the Cross Bar for overhead shots
Shooting overhead shots for product, food, and other types of photography? Save your back! Mount a ball head to the end of the camera, secure the cross bar to your tripod, position the camera so it’s looking down onto your set and you’re in business.
Create the Tether Tools Tether “T” Set-Up by adding a Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm
Combine the Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm with the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar to create the Tether “T” setup enabling easy adjustments to the camera’s height. The Tether “T” setup is ideal for step and repeat photo shoots, simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate levels as subjects enter and exit the frame.
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