Equipment and Accessories for Videographers

Posted by: on Apr 03, 2012

Equipment and Accessories for Videographers
Mount your iPad with the Tether Tools Wallee Connect for video calibration.

Tether Tools gear isn’t just ideal for shooting still photography – there are various ways to put our workstation solutions to use when shooting video as well:

  • Tether Tables – Having a laptop workstation on set is ideal for production managers who want a portable working solution to access files, update scripts, develop editing notes and keep an all-around organized workflow going for the crew.
  • Studio Vu – Viewing footage on a monitor for the crew to see is important when on a film set. The Studio Vu allows you to mount any monitor to an existing c-stand.
Connect your iPad to the camera via the Connect Bracket and Zacuto Adapter for use as a teleprompter.
  • Wallee iPad Mounts – Using the iPad as a teleprompter, clap board, time keeper, set reference chart, or complete video planner? Then you’ll need a place to mount the iPad to your film gear. The Wallee iPad system offers complete video integration using various options – our Zacuto Adapter for Wallee or the Easy Grip System used with the Wallee Connect.  And Tether Tools new Connect Light makes it easy and simple to mount the iPad within a film production setting.
  • StrapMoore – When it comes to cable organization and keeping gear from getting damaged, the StrapMoore is just about the best grip friend you can imagine. Keep powerbricks attached to camera stands, prevent cords from dragging or getting caught under rolling stands, or simply use it to keep anything you need nearby.
Use the StrapMoore to keep powerbricks, cords and cables from getting caught under-foot or under rolling camera stands.


Want to see all of these solutions in action? Tether Tools will be at the 2012 NAB SHOW April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center showcasing workstation solutions for video and film. Be sure to stop by the B&H Photo-Video-ProAudio Booth #C11022.