Adobe Releases Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC

Posted by: on Apr 24, 2015

Adobe Releases Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC
Lightroom CC Splash Page
Lightroom CC Splash Page

This week Adobe released the latest version of Lightroom. This upgrade takes them from version 5.7 to version 6.0. New features include:

  • HDR images
  • Facial recognition
  • Panorama stitching
  • Faster performance
  • Advanced video slide shows
  • Improved web galleries

They did roll out one new feature specific to tethering which will warn you if your camera’s battery is almost dead or if your memory card is almost full. Both good things to know, especially if you’re at the computer firing the camera remotely.

The naming convention changed just a bit. Lightroom 6 is the stand alone downloadable app that runs on your Mac or PC and doesn’t include access to Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom CC is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and includes access to Lightroom Mobile.