5 Ways to Use the Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter

Posted by: on Oct 10, 2016

5 Ways to Use the Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter
Featuring an all-metal construction, the Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter allows the mounting of any camera ballhead to light stands, arms or clamps with studs. This is incredibly helpful when you have to boom the camera over a scene, or when you need to shoot the camera extra high, much higher than a tripod will allow. Simply mount the adapter to any 5/8” stud, then attach your tripod head mount to the adapter and you can mount your camera to any c-stand. The Rock Solid Baby Ballhead can also slide into a 1 1/8″ Receiver on a roller base such as the Avenger Low Boy Junior Studio Roller Stand for seamless mounting of a camera ballhead.
Here’s 5 ways that you can put the Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter to work:
1. Use a C-stand or a roller base for very low angles rs623-tether-tools-rock-solid-baby-ballhead-adapter-18   2. Mount a camera on c-stands for a super-high perspective – trigger with wired tethered connection or Case Air Wireless Tethering System rs623-tether-tools-rock-solid-baby-ballhead-adapter-3   3. Mount a Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar on a c-stand rs623-tether-tools-rock-solid-baby-ballhead-adapter-17   4. Setup a camera boom to mount a camera over a shot rs623-tether-tools-rock-solid-baby-ballhead-adapter-2-1   5. Use a Rock Solid Master Clamp with the supplied baby stud to mount a camera ballhead anywhere rs623-tether-tools-rock-solid-baby-ballhead-adapter-20   To learn more and purchase your own Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter head over to www.TetherTools.com or click the product link below.
Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter